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Saturday, August 30, 2008

How I spent my Saturday-

It has been a busy Saturday. Today was the day the new trusses and roof went onto my shop. I know I talk about this shop all the time, as if its some marvelous man-cave of tool shop delights- and I do love my shop, but if you don't know, it is a rather humble workshop. The first picture tonight is what it looked like as I began tearing off the old roof. As you can see, it was a single, (much too shallow pitch) roofed shop.

Today, my buddy Loc and son Noah helped me set the new trusses. That's me with the hat and Loc trying to figure out how everything needed to be tied together. These new roofs don't come with instructions except those I could find on the internet, so it took some figuring out.

Here's the new trusses all set in place.

Everything is looking good so far.

We didn't get all the OSB sheeting up before darkness fell tonight. We did get most of the sheets up but had to quit and staple up some plastic to keep out the pending rain.

Tonight, after pasta dinner and a shower and a couple ounces of vodka and some Motrin, I'm feeling pretty good and I'm extremely pleased with today's accomplishments. We got a lot done and everything looks good.

Depending on the weather tommorrow, Noah and I should be able to finish the OSB roofing. If it rains, as the guessers are predicting, the work will have to wait. There's lots to be done still, new ends to fill in the peaks and to remove the old, angled line of the previous roof, the closets on the door end will have to be rebuilt and re-roofed, there are trim boards to be reinstalled or replaced and just a ton of things to be accomplished before my humble shop is all back to normal.

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